This Smurf soft toy would have to be my most prized possession in my collection. He is a gigantic sized soft toy measuring at around 134 cm if I measured correctly. That is over 50" inches tall. As I have found, he is a very rare item. I brought mine back in the late 90's from the local Sunday Market. He was laying across the top of the sellers car and could be seen from way back down the stalls. I spotted him and I remember my mother saying "No way" as she thought they were going to charge a fortune for him. Luckily I managed to get my mother to "just ask what the price was". And to our surprise they only wanted $2 dollars!! A bargain price! So I paid two dollars for this smurf can you believe. I don't think they would have known how much this toy was going to be worth down the track. So I am very lucky. The smurf when I got him was a little grubby and had a few holes in him. I remember he had to soak in the bath tub with soapy water for a day or two and then spent over a week drying out on top of the clothes line. So it was a little while before I could give him a big hug. At the time this toy was actually as tall as I was! Because he is such a large item, he can be difficult to find room to store him. Usually he was found sitting on my bedroom floor or bed, but he now fits nicely in my wardrobe.


There was not a lot known about this smurf until I came across some sellers online in 2005. I had never seen another one like this before. The smurf has no official markings or tags. So it is still un-known where he was made, what year he was made and if he was an official smurf product (although I'm 100% sure he is). I had originally thought that these may have been promotional store displays for BP stations. But finally in 2005 a couple of these smurfs surfaced onto Aussie eBay. I contacted the first seller about the smurf but I was told that they had brought the one they were selling from a car boot sale years ago so they didn't have any information on where he originally came from. They did confirm that these smurfs don't have any tags on them. There are no signs that they were cut off, so they mustn't have been produced with tags like most of the plush toys are. There auction for the smurf ended for $167.50AU. So this would be a good indication of how much this smurf is worth. Although if open to the US market, it could be much higher! And of course postage costs would be the killer on this item because its the size of a small child. I decided to contact the buyer of this smurf after the auction finished and lucky I did because it turns out they used to have one of these! And also they were able to tell me where he came from! They brought there smurf back in the early 80's from the Melbourne Royal Show. She told me that these were the major prizes on the sideshow alley games and they could also be brought from stalls selling them for $45 dollars. Her young son at the time decided to buy the smurf, spending his whole allowance on him and then some. I think she was buying this new large smurf to replace the old one, that I think they no longer had. So finally we know where he came from! So were these smurf soft toys only exclusive to Australia and exclusive for the royal show? Well the listing on eBay of this first smurf prompted another out of the wood-work. This seller listing at a start price of $200 dollars. They didn't get any bids on the item so it didn't sell. I contacted the seller and got a different story from them. They brought their smurf from Denmark at a toy fair brought in 1977. That is all the information they had on him. This soft toy was re-listed a year later in 2006 with a lower start price of $70, but again didn't sell. 2007 and another was listed onto eBay. Again couldn't even be sold for $10, ended with no winning bid. Also in 2007 I found a person on the Mushroom Village forum who lives in Queensland who also has one of these smurfs. They said that he was won in a raffle when they used to live in Melbourne.

So could there be more of these fellows out there? Where and what has happened to all the rest I'd hate to think? I'm sure the majority of these have long since been destroyed. So there wouldn't be too many of these left intact today. That is all the information to date I have on this item. Enjoy the photos I have posted of him on this page!